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I swear I tried for years on end to wear all the professional clothing and fit into the corporate world. But honestly, just give me denim, an open field, and it is the happiest I will ever be. My entire life, I thought I would be a lawyer, but the universe had other plans.


After I stopped fighting it all, I settled into the creative life quite comfortably.


My adventure into photography started as a way to keep my head up through a hard time in life. No formal photography education, no understanding of how to even use a flash, but I jumped right in. Through countless hours of tutorials and a lot of trial and error, I finally got my craft to a point to start a business.


I would be nowhere if not for the endless support of my family and friends.


So now, the gift I try to give the world is the gift of breathtaking moments in your life. A laugh, a cuddle, or even just a look.


These are the things that matter. These are the images we hold dear.


I am just here to show them to you.



"Marie has the uncanny ability to make all of our children feel seen and heard during sessions. From asking their consent and giving them autonomy, to acting goofy with them, Marie makes them light up, making the photos brilliant."

"Stop what you are doing and hire her. She has been doing this so long, it is like second skin and that is a great asset on your wedding day. We cannot thank her enough for making our wedding so flawlessly easy."

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