about our tribe

We promise to provide our clients with the best experience we can give them anytime we take their photos. We strive to make sure everyone is welcome, included, and accepted. If there is ever something that we do not yet know, we promise to try to understand. We are here to make memories and create lasting relationships with each and every one of you.

Check out our staff profiles and mission statements, below.

Oh, and we love dogs. Always bring your dog. We promise to love them no matter how (un) cooperative you may think they are.

Our Staff




Hello there! My name is Marie and I am honored that you are considering me to be your photographer. Being invited into someone's life for a moment, and being able to deliver beautiful visual memories is something that really makes me happy.

We live in a world of labels, and while I try to fight them as much as possible, there are a few I hold on to dearly: mother, friend, teacher, daughter, sister, and free-spirit. I nerd out about things like The Hobbit and road trips and national parks. My favorite shows to date are Gossip Girl, Parks and Rec, and Vikings. Having more time to read and travel are things I aspire to.

The greatest joy in life for me is the freedom of expression. Whether this be through my parenting, yoga, photography, or just being outdoors, I try to always live life a little wild, and totally free.

Mission Statements

Celebrating diversity

This comes first, because it is important.

Wild Elegance does not discriminate against anyone - no matter your sex, gender, color, creed, race, sexuality, religion, or which house you were sorted into at Hogwarts.

Unless you openly hate people for any of the reasons above. So I guess we do discriminate against ignorance and hatred.

Loving ourselves

This comes second, only because I cannot have two firsts.

You are beautifully made and wonderfully perfect just the way you are. We want to capture you in this life as it is, not as we aspire to be. We fully support your efforts to become healthier and make yourself feel complete.

We just won't Photoshop your desired results because we believe in hard work.

We do understand that we all have moments of breakouts or random bruises (I still don't know where 90% of my bruises come from), and we are happy to zap those, as long as they are temporary and not part of who you are.


Along with our top two tenets of the Wild Elegance tribe, respect comes in a close third.

We respect you and your body. You will often hear me ask if I can fix your hair/shirt, or warn you that I may get in close to show you a pose: this is because I respect your space and your choice. I want you to feel comfortable. When children are present, I want to teach them that they have control over their bodies and souls. This is important.

giving back

I love community. I worked with Pridefest for years; I taught full time; I have a wide community that has supported me through a lot of difficult times, and has always made sure I feel respected, accepted, and loved.

I feel it is my duty to give back for all this world has given me.

 I donate raffle items and time to document special events and contribute to marketing, as well as monetary donations to various groups. Currently, my focus is on LGBT+ youth, education, scholarships for African-American students, mental health, and Veteran communities.

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