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Back in January, I was wrapped up in a whirlwind of weddings at the Wedding Planner and Guide show. During a small lull, a quiet, beautiful woman approached me and asked me if I was available for May 12.

"Of 2019?"

"No. 2018"

"As in five months away?!"


As luck would have it, I was available, due to a late cancellation of another wedding contract. It was serendipity, and, if you have been reading my blog posts, by now, you should know how much I love serendipity.

Amanda and Zach's wedding was held at Milford Hills in Johnson Creek. One of the perks of having a wedding in a singular location is that it makes everything easy. One of my teacher friends, Emily (ERJ Photography) tagged along with me that day to see if she would ever be interested in doing weddings in addition to her portrait work. We got there early, ready for wedding-day craziness...and then spent a solid hour exploring the grounds at our leisure.

Lesson #1: Weddings days happen as they do, not matter how much planning you attempt.

When Amanda and Zach arrived, we got into full swing. Amanda and her troupe got ready in a training room while Zach and the guys hid out in the lodge. The rustic decor and vibe lent to some awesome getting ready pictures as the whole group had lunch and laughed. Only needing to walk across a parking lot to access both sides of the wedding party was heaven (and I quickly achieved my steps goal on my Fitbit).

Lesson #2: Wear comfy shoes

Since the day before had been particularly rainy, the ceremony was moved indoors. At first we were bummed, but let me tell you - once we stepped into the ceremony room, all that sadness evaporated. The Hideaway room is beautifully appointed with timber and wrought iron. Windows on one side of the room create a unique lighting situation. As a bonus, there is a bar at the back...just in case you want the option of drinks while you marry.

After the beautiful ceremony where Zach and Amanda's son vocalized his approval, we spent some time roaming the grounds with the wedding party, then split off for Zach and Amanda's wedding portaits. There is nothing like a slightly rainy day to give a photographer gold in terms of lighting. The couple's happiness was infused in every picture, and I loved that they let their personalities shine.

Dinner was served in the lodge (and the food was amazing) with hosted sangrias. Speeches were sweet and meaningful and helped me learn more about these two wonderful humans, who were celebrating their 10 year relationship through marriage that day.

Lesson #3: Always try the Sangria.

Amanda and Zach, you are awesome. Your kindness and genuine hearts spread to all those who know you and your son is a lucky person. I wish you all the love and fun in the world.


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