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Business Headshots: Old + New

As the world becomes increasingly visual, a great headshot gives clients an instant way to not only identify who they are communicating with, but also an overall vibe for your brand.

Traditional headshots are great for smaller-format, brief look instances (i.e. the picture on your email account). Additionally, for cases where your employee team is listed on a web-site, consistent photographs with a clean backdrop create a cohesive look for your company.

Alternatively, choosing a more relaxed background, combined with informal posing or more approachable outfits creates a great set of photos for social media marketing, especially for new-to-the-industry professionals.

As a teacher, one of the things I learned was balance between authority and connection. Everything I did, including the outfits I wore and how I set up my classroom, was calculated to create a climate where my students (my clients at the time) would be most comfortable. We can do the same with headshots through branding to stay consistent with your target market while remaining true to your business personality.



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