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Time as currency: a wedding day schedule resource

Let's talk about planning your wedding day, whether it is a traditional wedding, elopement, or destination.

First, I want to outline three important things, from the perspective of your photographer, when you consider the timing of your wedding day schedule:

  1. Sunset;

  2. Time alone;

  3. Considering your loved ones.


For each inquiry I get, I start with one measure of time: sunset.

Daylight hours, as a natural-light photographer, are incredibly important. This is when we get the most flattering lighting, but also when we try to overcome harsh mid-day light.

couple running at golden hour for wedding photography

Golden hour, or the hour(ish) before the sun falls before the horizon, makes for the most beautiful romantic images you can think of.

Blue hour, or the short time after the sun has gone down, but we still have light, lends itself to some sultry business when it comes to photography.

As a photographer, I want to capitalize on all the perfect moments of lighting. That is why I have you stand by a window or a mirror while you get ready. It is why you see my frowny face when an outdoor ceremony space faces the wrong direction.

It is also why you see me smile like an idiot and do a happy dance when I capture you in the perfect light.

Time Alone

You just married (what I hope is) your best friend and the love of your life.

Make sure you take time alone, away from everyone else. I know you love your family and taking shots with your friends is fun, but it is so important to remember why you are having that celebration at all.

elopement wedding photography with time alone

My best suggestions for this?

If you do a first look, after photos, sit in a room together and read private vows. Maybe you get a few pictures, maybe you don't. Not everything needs to be documented. It is okay to have moments just for the two of you.

After the ceremony, run away. I mean, not super far, but take a minute to sit in the fact that you two did it - all that planning and love finally has been sealed with a kiss and you are MARRIED.

During golden hour/sunset photos. After your photographer gets the to-die for pictures, grab a drink or some coffee and stay out there until you need to come back in. It makes for stunning little people-big landscape pictures when your photographer gets far enough away.

Consider your loved ones

Whether it is family or your favorite chosen family, consider them.

It is so easy to get caught up in "this is OUR day." Most of the time, I agree with that.

But Nana? She may not be around much longer and the JOY it will bring her to have five minutes with you is immeasurable.

Your nephew who you held when he was a baby. Take two minutes to goof around and watch him feel like the most important person in the world.

That childhood best friend that you shared all your secrets and awkward preteen crushes with? You may not be as close now, but they held your heart so sacred at one point - make time for pictures.

As a photographer, I am happy to follow my couple around and just do whatever they ask - capture the moments between THE moments. I may end up over-delivering pictures, but someday those pictures might be the most valuable treasure you have left.

Life is about relationships, and the greatest currency we have is our time. Giving your time to yourself and others on your wedding day will make your heart burst with joy.

bride and grandma on wedding day


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