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Bringing in the New

Tori and Chris booked me almost two years before their New Year's Eve '19 wedding. In that time, we had a blast doing engagement pictures, Chris stopped by the campfire (and froze) with their doggo for pictures while Tori was deployed, and they endured the trial of distance. Beyond that, though, Tori and Chris truly became people I value and count as friends.

Their wedding day was blustery cold - exactly what we think a Wisconsin Winter Wedding would be like. As we got ready at their beautiful church in Fond du Lac, WI, I kept popping my head outside to see if outdoor pictures would be viable.

Chris and the guys seemed in good spirits, and optimistic to the fact that the weather would not bother them in their tuxes (spoiler alert - they were still cold).

Tori and Chris planned all the details perfectly, and their classic color choice of navy and burgundy shone against wood flowers and sparkling details.

While the boys joked and played - so did the ladies (I'll spare them the group deodorant check picture here).

One of my favorite moments while the girls got ready was the flower girl standing in Tori's dress. Aside from being the cutest thing ever, the look on that little girl's face proved that magic still exists in this world.

There is something about the acts of service at a wedding that are so old-fashioned, yet such an exquisite display of love between the people closest to the couple. Beautiful moments and first looks with parents added to the build up of the day.

And then, the big moment was here - the walk down the aisle.

Both of their faces say it all: anticipation, love, friendship, dedication, kindness, and forever.

...and then...the cold.

To all of my winter couples: you are shivering, badass rockstars who make the pictures look flawless, even when you can barely stop the teeth chattering. <3

Happy New Year!



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