Amy + Jason ||| Married

Amy and I met at Roots Coffeebar in Waukesha to finalize the details for her big day. It was still cold out, but we warmed up with some hot chocolate and funny quips from her daughter. Amy's laid-back attitude and smiles drove up my excitement to celebrate with her.

On the big day, I arrived at Fox River Christian Church in Muskego to scope out the lighting situation and meet key players. As the bridesmaids arrived, and eventually Amy, I knew I was in for a ton of fun. Amy was in no way rushed or stressed and was all smiles. Plus, I knew these were my people when they took a mini shooter before the ceremony began.

As I hadn't met Jason yet, I thought it would be good to introduce myself before the day got rolling. Any of my past couples can attest to how I take charge and just start ordering people around - my "teacher voice" is one of my best assets - but that can be a little discerning if we don't know each other.

In the first moments I met Jason (after a few fake Jasons claimed the name - seriously, guys - let's think of a more creative way to punk your photographer), I could see how he is a perfect complement for Amy. He is quiet, kind and generally smiling.

Amy and Jason had a beautiful, succinct ceremony. The darkened vibe with stage lighting in the church was new to me, but I fully appreciated the dramatic effect it gave.

After the ceremony, we headed over to Minooka Park in Waukesha. The sun was blaring (always a fun challenge), but the temperature was perfect for working and playing.

The reception was held at The New Berlin Ale House. Considering this place is connected to a bowling alley - and it took all my willpower not to stay and bowl alone after the reception - the space is beautiful. Jenny, the event coordinator, did an amazing job making sure all of our needs were handled and anticipated needs.

Xcite Entertainment kept the night going from first dance to last song while Amy's closest family and friends celebrated their marriage.

Congrats, Amy and Jason! I wish you a lifetime of smiles and adventure!

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