Gabby + Zach ||| Married

Wowweee - with rebranding and the summer and fall upswing underway, I sure have fallen behind on blogging. Do not worry - I am working on getting back into the writing mode and catch up on all of my weddings from June (how is is almost October already) through the end of the year!

Gabby and Zach are great people and they had a fantastic wedding day. After our final meeting to discuss details, I knew, heading into the day, that things would be organized, and more importantly - down-to-Earth.

My expectations were blown away.

Gabby and Zach had their ceremony in a beautiful church. The guys and gals got ready there, with the gals enjoying some McDonalds delivered by UberEats while Zach ran home because he forgot his belt. Between squeezing into the tiny room provided for the girls to get dressed in and helping the guys fold a pocket square, I got pulled into the wedding party pretty quickly. They were all welcome and kind, just like Gabby and Zach.

The ceremony was joyful and beautiful against the backdrop of a traditional church, accented by the flowers done by Gabby's family.

After the ceremony, we let the party begin as the temperatures rose. Pictures were done at Olbrich park and at the Capitol, across from the Best Western Park Hotel, where Gabby and Zach had their reception.

Gabby and Zach, no matter where you go from here, I just know that if you treat each other with the kindness you gave me on your wedding day, you will be able to go anywhere, together.

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