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My Own Wedding: The Truth About Planning a Wedding

I have been in the wedding industry since I was 14. I started out designing wedding flowers (check out the photo, below, of some of my most recent work), then tried out wedding planning before getting into photography. I am now 32 years old, and feel like I have seen it all. Then I started to plan my second wedding.

Okay, yes, second wedding. I was married before, had a beautiful child, then an abrupt divorce three weeks after our son was born. For my first wedding, I was 23 and didn't care about curating an experience for my wedding that was completely what we wanted to do, while making sure it would be an awesome experience of celebration for our guests.

This time, I care about all of it.

Maybe that says a lot about why my first marriage didn't work. Ha.

I am going to be telling you about this journey, as I prepare to commit the rest of my life to a wonderful man. We are keeping it small and keeping it real. Even more special is that my son is going to be escorting me down the aisle, and standing by my side as we bond our family even more.

I invite you to follow along, as I give you my high-maintenance take on planning my own intimate wedding in Rocky Mountain National Park for the summer of 2019.


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