Make time for each other

As you plan your wedding, you make time for all the details: place settings, invitations, the dress, the tux, rings, attendant gifts...

...but what about your partner?

It is so easy to get caught-up in the whirlwind that is planning the most magnificent celebration of your love. I know I did it when I was engaged. At times though, it is easy to lose sight of why we are doing this in the first place.

Remember that person, your best friend, your partner, your greatest counterpart in life (human, not including our pets)?

That person needs the same attention you gave them before the engagement.

And on your wedding day, you both need to carve out those special moments together - no one else.

As a wedding photographer, I find it really important to create powerful moments. Sometimes, the most power and meaning is found in the quiet.

It is sunset pictures where you walk away from the wedding hub-bub and share the warmth.

It is sneaking off to the hotel room (ahem) for a minute or two to change shoes together.

It is in the first dance, to your favorite song, when you close your eyes and melt into each other.

And sometimes...


It is when your photographer sees the overwhelmed look in your eye and pretends she needs you for a set of pictures she clumsily forgot. She pulls you both away, smiles, and leaves you there, creating that moment of intimate quiet for you to enjoy together.

Not everything needs to be captured with a camera.

Make the moments that are captured by your soul.

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