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Soul Goals

Oh, the annual New Year's post. What can I say that hasn't already been said?

Nothing, really. I already know what my body and business need.

I need to eat more greens, drink more water, and stay focused.

But what I sometimes forget is the things I really need for myself.

The other night, I rang in the new year with a beautiful couple and their close family and friends.

Some may think that could be lonely and boring. It wasn't.

I had the honor of counting down to midnight with some of the kindest, most supportive people I have encountered. To be able to feel that, as a total stranger, is incredible. I felt a part of something great and I felt appreciated and loved.

That made me think about my 2020 goals.

Sure - I have my business goals for bookings and gross income. I have my health and wellness goals.

But what about my soul goals? What happened to those? When did I stop taking into account what makes my spirit feel light?

The why, when, what, and how doesn't matter. It matters that 2020 is a year of soul goals and manifestations for me:

1. I am breathtaking and valuable.

2. I live from a heart full of love.

3. I am at peace with the chaos around me.

4. I offer kindness and joy to all those around me

5. I adventure through life with relentless curiosity, inspiration, and zeal.

6. I laugh easily and often.

7. I fill moments with pause and appreciate the life I am living.

8. I care for people and fill my own cup.

9. I pursue people with like energy and passion.

10. I am unapologetically me.

What are your soul goals for 2020?



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